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Workshops at Analog Photography Berlin!

Introduction to the B/W Darkroom August 18 and 19!

In this 2-part workshop running next week, participants will learn the basics of black and white analog photography. On Tuesday evening we will develop the black and white films which you have shot already, and on Wednesday we will make enlargements from some of the negatives. It’s a perfect introduction to the silver gelatin photographic process.  The workshops take place at StattLab at U-Bahnhof Osloer Strasse on August 18th and 19th at 18:00. Cost is 60€ per person for the 2-part workshop, all materials included except for your roll of film.

Send me a  to sign up!

Workshops For June and July in the new StattLab!


StattLab has moved homes, and the Analog Photography Berlin workshops have moved with it. Yes, it’s sad but true that StattBad Wedding has come to an end. The workshops for analog photography and silkscreen – StattLab – is back and stronger than ever. The new lab is still in Berlin-Wedding, this time at Drontheimer Str. 34. We expect to be here for a long time this time!

And so I am happy to announce the first round of workshops taking place at StattLab. 


The 2-part Introduction to Analog Photography workshop will be held tomorrow and next tuesday, June 23rd and 30th from 18:00-23:00. You just need to shoot a roll of black and white film before the workshop. Cost is 50€ per person for both sessions together. More info here

If that is too short notice for you, there will be a second course on July 21st and 28th, also Tuesdays at 18:00, 50€ per person. 

This coming weekend I will also be teaching an introduction to studio portrait lighting, also at StattLab. The course is is Saturday and Sunday June 27th and 28th, from 10:00-19:00. We will start with the basics: Why do we use artificial light? And then roll through the various options, how to set up camera flashes as strobes, which modifiers we use, how to meter light, get various effects. We’ll work through gelling (color / color temperature), mixed lighting and multiple light setups. You won’t become a master in two days, but it’s a great way to dive in. There are still 2 spaces available. Price is 150€ for the whole weekend. 

An multi-week intermediate course in analog photography will be coming in August or September – if you are interested, send a smoke signal. 


Introduction to Analog Photography: May 19th at StattLab

The next workshops introducing analog photography and the StattLab darkroom is set for Tuesday, May 19th at 15:00, with a follow up workshop one week later on May 26th at 15:00. For the first workshop, participants are expected to bring an already exposed roll of black and white process film, like Tri-X or Agfa APX. After an introduction to our space, the analog process and the chemistry, we will process the film together in StattLab’s darkroom. After the film dries off, we will make contact sheets, a sort of analog thumbnail of the negatives. 

The next workshop on May 26th is dedicated to making a print from the negative in the darkroom by using an enlarger, the basic method of silver gelatin process photography. By the end of this second workshop, participants will feel comfortable enlarging their own negatives in our darkroom. 

The price for the two workshops together is 50€, including all materials except the roll of film. It is also possible to borrow a camera in advance of the workshop. Please send a mail to sign up or for more information. All workshops take place at StattLab in the building of StattBad Wedding, Gerichtstr. 65 13347 Berlin. 

After participating in these introductory workshops, you are welcome to come to our open Thursday evening “Printing and Beer” sessions. Taking place every Thursday night, the darkroom gets visitors who are not members of the space but still want to work their way deeper into analog photography. These evenings are 20€, bring your own paper. In addition, intermediate courses and workshops are offered from time to time. Check back here or swing over to for more info!



Berlin Wall Memorial, 2013, Ilford Delta 400 in ID-11 1:1, 12 min. with constant agitation

2-Part Intro to B&W film photography workshop on March 11 & 18

The next round of workshops introducing analog photography and the StattLab community darkroom is set for Wednesday March 11th and 18th at 15:00. In this 2-part workshop, you will learn how to develop film by hand in the darkroom, make contact prints, and of course enlarge photographs.

Bring a roll of exposed black and white film to the first workshop and we will develop it together All workshops are held at StattLab @ StattBad Wedding, Gerichtstr. 65. Cost is 25€ including materials. Sign up by sending an email .

More details on the workshops can be found here.

Strolling towards the Velodrom in Friedrichshain during a workshop

Intermediate Analog Photography Course Tuesdays Starting Feb. 24!

We are proud to announce a weekly workshop covering intermediate topics in analog photography, running for 5 Tuesdays in a row beginning February 24th! The workshop will cover choices of film and developer, pushing and pulling film, choice of paper, fun printing techniques in the darkroom, a bit of zone system theory and a handful of other topics. Basically, everything you’ve always wanted to know about darkroom work. The workshop is intended for people who have a least shot a couple of rolls of black and white film and have been in the darkroom a few times. If you’ve done the 2 introductory workshops and are thirsty for more, this is the course for you.

The workshop will be held on five consecutive Tuesdays: February 24th, March 3rd, 10th, 17th, and 24th. All workshops will be held at StattLab @ StattBad Wedding starting at 17:30 each Tuesday. The course costs 150€ including all materials except for film. The course will be limited to 5 participants. If you are interested in learning more or want to sign up, send a mail.

Learn to develop your own negatives in the darkroom

Intro to Film Developing in the Darkroom August 7th

Time for the next workshop! On Thursday, August 7th at 13:00 there will be a “Intro to the Darkroom” workshop: bring a roll of exposed black and white film, and we will develop it together in the workshop. After developing, we will make contact prints of the negatives – sticking your toes into the world of analog printing, too.

All workshops are held at StattLab @ StattBad Wedding, Gerichtstr. 65. Cost is 25€ including materials. Sign up by sending an email .

Intro to Analog Photography: July 2nd at 13.00 @ StattLab Wedding!

Strolling towards the Velodrom in Friedrichshain during a workshop

Strolling towards the Velodrom in Friedrichshain during a workshop

We are happy to announce the first introduction to black and white analog film photography workshop at our new home at StattLab Wedding, taking place on July 2nd, 2014! The beginning of every month will bring an intro workshop – but that’s no excuse to put it off.

The workshop will begin at 13:00, giving us enough time and sunlight to discuss the basics of exposure and photo composition, load up cameras, and go out and shoot. After a mid-afternoon coffee & döner break we’ll go into the lab and develop the negatives. The workshop cost is 25€ per person, plus 5 for a roll of film (or bring your own). Bring a camera if you have one, otherwise you can use one at the lab.

If you like what you see and learn, you can continue with a weekly workshop learning how to print in the darkroom, what the difference are amongst films, papers, developers, and everything else really. And if you are still interested after a month or two, you can become a member of StattLab for a mere 50€ a month and have access to the darkroom whenever you want. Yes: a real community darkroom in Berlin!

Come join us in July!



Workshops moving to StattLab Wedding on 1 June!

Big news for the Analog Photography Berlin community: on 1 June, the workshops will be moving to the renovated StattLAB Wedding, in the building of StattBad.

The process has been going on for some months now, and the move is nearly complete. This grew out of many students asking where they can keep printing after they have learned a bit of analog photography. And now I can answer: in the darkroom at StattLab, a community-oriented photo lab in Berlin.

More concrete information on workshops will follow in the coming weeks – it’ll take some time to make the move. There will likely be a monthly intro workshop, starting in the beginning of July. After participating in the workshops, you can choose to become a member of the lab and work there as much as you want!

Come check out a one-night exhibition we are having this Thursday evening, 22 May, starting at 18:00. It’ll be a relaxed evening to introduce the labs, the people, and the plans.

More soon!

Berlin Wall Memorial, 2013, Ilford Delta 400 in ID-11 1:1, 12 min. with constant agitation

Introduction to Black and White film photography: Sunday 9 March 13:00


Better late than never: announcing a workshop tomorrow, Sunday 9 March at 13:00! This is a beginner’s workshop to learn how to expose and develop black and white film. The workshop is held in Friedrichshain an costs 20€ including the chemicals. Bring a camera and film if you have it, otherwise just bring yourself!

The 4x5" view camera from the 1950's that we'll use for the workshop. Sweet.

Large Format Film Photography Workshop on Friday 28 February at 13:00

It is time to live the dream: in this workshop you will learn how to use a large format film camera, a 4×5″ View Camera. This unique type of camera has been used for everything from press photography in the 1950’s to fine art landscapes, and it still in use today.

We will go over how to load film and use the camera, using the tilt-shift mechanisms of a view camera, and of course take some pictures. We will develop single sheets of film in trays in complete darkness, allowing each shot to be developed individually. At the end we will make contact prints of the negatives.  

Please note that material costs are slightly higher than usual, so I will ask for 25 euros for this

workshop. It is also likely to take 7-8 hours. We will begin at 13:00 as usual and try to finish by 21:00. Workshops take place at the lab at Cotheniusstr. 5, Berlin-Friedrichshain.

Questions Ready to sign up? Send an email.

The 4x5" view camera from the 1950's that we'll use for the workshop. Sweet.

The 4×5″ view camera from the 1950’s that we’ll use for the workshop. Sweet.