Intro to Analog Photography: July 2nd at 13.00 @ StattLab Wedding!

Strolling towards the Velodrom in Friedrichshain during a workshop

Strolling towards the Velodrom in Friedrichshain during a workshop

We are happy to announce the first introduction to black and white analog film photography workshop at our new home at StattLab Wedding, taking place on July 2nd, 2014! The beginning of every month will bring an intro workshop – but that’s no excuse to put it off.

The workshop will begin at 13:00, giving us enough time and sunlight to discuss the basics of exposure and photo composition, load up cameras, and go out and shoot. After a mid-afternoon coffee & döner break we’ll go into the lab and develop the negatives. The workshop cost is 25€ per person, plus 5 for a roll of film (or bring your own). Bring a camera if you have one, otherwise you can use one at the lab.

If you like what you see and learn, you can continue with a weekly workshop learning how to print in the darkroom, what the difference are amongst films, papers, developers, and everything else really. And if you are still interested after a month or two, you can become a member of StattLab for a mere 50€ a month and have access to the darkroom whenever you want. Yes: a real community darkroom in Berlin!

Come join us in July!


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