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New Workshop! The Real Hipstamatic: Film Development on 1 November

Strolling towards the Velodrom in Friedrichshain during a workshop

Strolling towards the Velodrom in Friedrichshain during a workshop

The next workshop on black and white film development has just been announced for 1 November, at 13:00. The Real Hipstamatic workshop is a chance to learn the basics of exposure, shot on film, and learn to develop black-and-white film yourself in the darkroom. All details are available here.

Ready to Sign Up? Just send me an email.

In addition, two other workshops which have been previously announced are taking place in November and December. During Printing from a Negative: Make The Magic on 15 November you can learn how to enlarge photos in the darkroom. Perfect if you have some of your own negatives or have attended The Real Hipstamatic and want to keep going deeper into film photography.

At the Pinhole Camera Photography workshop on 13 December 2013 you can learn how to make a camera out of things lying around your apartment. We’ll build cameras and use them right away, shooting pictures and developing them in the darkroom.

All workshops are held in Berlin-Friedrichshain on Fridays at 13:00, lasting about 6 hours.

Questions? Send an email. More information is available here,


Film Development Workshops at Social Media Week Berlin

The film development workshops at Social Media Week Berlin were a huge success. There was a lot of interest in the sessions on using a smartphone to digitize and post negatives, and of course in the workshops on developing film in the darkroom.

Here are some photos from the workshop in the park, nothing like a grafittied-up old thing lying around to make for a good climb. Climbers-Post

If you missed us during SMW Berlin, the next workshop on film development is this Friday, 11 October at 13:00. You can sign up by sending me an email.

Workshops on Film Development
Here’s the kind of thing we were doing. We walked around the neighborhood in Friedrichshain-Berlin for an hour or two with cameras. This photo is shot on a Holga camera, Rollei RPX 400 film. After getting back to the lab, participants were introduced to the lab. The whole process of film development was explained – and then we did it. After a beer pause of waiting for things to wash a dry, we took the negatives out to have a look.

The upper shot is photographed on a smartphone. We laid the negatives flat on a viewing table and photographed them. After that, we could crop and apply filters in-camera to make it a positive image. That is the lower shot – the finished product, ready to be shared, posted, whatever.



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