Introduction to Analog Photography: May 19th at StattLab

The next workshops introducing analog photography and the StattLab darkroom is set for Tuesday, May 19th at 15:00, with a follow up workshop one week later on May 26th at 15:00. For the first workshop, participants are expected to bring an already exposed roll of black and white process film, like Tri-X or Agfa APX. After an introduction to our space, the analog process and the chemistry, we will process the film together in StattLab’s darkroom. After the film dries off, we will make contact sheets, a sort of analog thumbnail of the negatives. 

The next workshop on May 26th is dedicated to making a print from the negative in the darkroom by using an enlarger, the basic method of silver gelatin process photography. By the end of this second workshop, participants will feel comfortable enlarging their own negatives in our darkroom. 

The price for the two workshops together is 50€, including all materials except the roll of film. It is also possible to borrow a camera in advance of the workshop. Please send a mail to sign up or for more information. All workshops take place at StattLab in the building of StattBad Wedding, Gerichtstr. 65 13347 Berlin. 

After participating in these introductory workshops, you are welcome to come to our open Thursday evening “Printing and Beer” sessions. Taking place every Thursday night, the darkroom gets visitors who are not members of the space but still want to work their way deeper into analog photography. These evenings are 20€, bring your own paper. In addition, intermediate courses and workshops are offered from time to time. Check back here or swing over to for more info!



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