Black and white film photograph of the abanonded Slaughterhause in Friedrichshain

Black and White Analog Film Photography Workshops

Getting Started with Analog Photography

In this two-part workshop you will step into the world of analog photography. In the first part, you will be introduced to working in the darkroom by learning how to develop film. Afterwards, we'll make a contact sheet from the negatives, sort of analog thumbnails. By the end of this first part, you'll have a feeling for what it is like to work in a darkroom and have already created an analog positive image, albeit a small one. For this first part, please bring a roll of exposed black and white film which we will develop together.

The second part of the introductory workshop is about learning how to enlarge a negative using the silver gelatin printing process. Learning how to print a negative is like a magic show, entrancing yet simple. Starting with your negatives from the first part of the workshop, we will make prints in the darkroom together. This is the part you see in movies, with weird equipment and a red light. This time, you can bring home a print you've made yourself, by hand.

The price is 60€ per person for the complete two-part workshop. All materials are included in the price except for the roll of film which you bring. The workshops are are limited to 6 people. Workshops run once a month. Please check the calendar for the next dates. Sign up by sending me an email.

Pinhole Photography Workshops run regularly, and are so great that they get their own page.

Printing and Beer: Open Darkroom on Thursday Evening

After participating in the two introduction workshops, participants are welcome to work independently at the StattLab darkroom during the Thursday evening Printing & Beer sessions. Come by to the darkroom to develop film or print some negatives. This informal Printing & Beer session takes place every Thursday night from 17:00-23:00 and costs 20€ per person for the whole evening. Chemicals are included, but please bring your own paper for printing (and of course film/negatives). Contact me to reserve a spot!.

Intermediate Course on Darkroom Work, October 2015.

This workshop digs deep into the methods of analog photography. It is aimed at people who have taken the two intro workshops and have had the chance to fumble around during Printing & Beer. This workshop will help you move beyond the beginner phase analog photography, helping you express your artistic vision in the darkroom.

Each of the five sessions will focus on one or two techniques. The exact methods covered will depend on the groups' interests. A sample curriculum of the five sessions would be:

In addition to practicing in the darkroom, we will cover a bit of zone system theory and a handful of other topics. This course is basically, everything you’ve always wanted to know about analog photography. By the end of the course, you should feel confident working in the darkroom and be able to get the results you want. The course costs 180 € including all material costs (except for your film). Space is limited to 5 people - please contact me if you are interested. The next course is taking place on five consecutive Tuesday evenings, running October 20th through November 17th.

The SEZ Berlin, 4x5 inch film

Large Format Photography - By Appointment Only

Learn black and white analog film photography in its purest form: large format photography. Working with either the 9x12cm or 4x5inch formats, you will learn how to setup a large format camera including loading the film and focusing and adjusting the camera's movements (tilt, rise). We will develop the film in complete darkness and then make a direct contact print of the image. This workshop is only offered as a private one-on-one lesson. The cost of the 6 hour workshop is 90€ including materials. A second workshop can be booked to learn how to enlarge the negative. In this 3-4 hour workshop we will enlarge the image to a size of 30x40cm or 40x50cm using a large format enlarger. This second workshop costs 55€ including materials.

Want to learn something that is not here? Chances are we can arrange something. Please send me an email.

Workshop Location: The StattLab Community

Workshops are held at StattLab, a community darkroom in the Wedding neighborhood of Berlin. Workshop participants are encouraged to join the StattLab community after taking the 2 introductory workshops and working independently in the darkroom during the Thursday evening Printing & Beer sessions. More information on the lab can be found on the StattLab website. The lab is at Drontheimer Str. 34, 13359 Berlin. We run exhibitions. We make art and have a good time. Black and white film of workshop participants climbing in Volkspark Friedrichshain

Climbing in Volkspark Friedrichshain during a workshop, 2013